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Besides managing your TES installation, we are leading in the transition to gas free living with our warmtevanmorgen.nu concept. Are you looking for a sustainable solution for your project, read further under individual heat pumps. We are used to developing and implementing TES installations for non-residential construction and large residential projects. If you wish to know more about this, please read further under development and operation.


Less gas use, better cooling

When we took over the management of the Four Countess, the energy use appeared to not work well. By means of hydraulic and control adjustments, the gas use compared to previous years has significantly decreased. The delivery reliability has also increased and the cooling has improved. The adjustments ensured the primary objective was better achieved: comfort for the residents.

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Implementation of control

In the old system, no integral control was applied. This was one of our first improvements: adjusting and expanding the building management system. This adjustment ensured considerable improvement of the controllability. An additional advantage was that at the same time, we have increased the return of the TES installation.

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Price reduction through savings

Usually prices rise over the years, but with this project we were able to reduce the costs for the residents. Savings on maintenance costs are to the residents’ advantage, they benefit from lower prices.

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Evert van de Braak — Manager Exploitation

More than 5 years of management experience.

In 2013, I started with TES management for housing associations, care homes, schools and local councils. Now we are 5 years, 70 installations and 30 clients down the line. I enjoy the advisory aspects of my work. The combination between financial management and technical optimisation remains an enjoyable challenge. Are you curious what the management team can mean for your organisation, fill in your details and we will get in touch.

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