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Vaanster is an independent investor in collective sustainable projects and has been actively led since its inception by its founder and general director Jeroen Krebbers.

Vaanster was founded in 2000. It all started with a simple question “If you know it all so well, why don’t you buy a TES installation yourself? “After a long monologue during which I explicitly explained that this was really not for me, the person I was talking to said “I think that you can do it”. To be honest, I was rather dumbfounded. With no real experience I bought my first installation. Not really something I would recommend again to others, but this led to the foundation of Vaanster. After that, things moved quickly. In retrospect, I cannot always explain why we were able to invest in such beautiful projects. I think we were just incredibly lucky. A large customer recently summed it up simply: “Well, Jeroen, at that time you were the only provider”. That was certainly true. Now, many years later we have grown to become the market leader in management and exploitation of collective TES installations. This independence is important to us.
We want to grow autonomously without numerous acquisitions. Since our foundation, we have reinvested the money we were able to free up into new projects. In this way, we grow continually every year, and we are not dependent on external investors or shareholders. In doing so, we can continue to be ourselves and we don’ t have to make any concessions as to the way we want to deal with each other and our customers. Vaanster is profitable and has a sound equity position. In this way, you know that we fulfil our commitments.
From the beginning, I believed in sustainability. Even when it wasn’ t very common within real estate to think sustainably. When I attended a lecture by André Kuipers, everything fell into place. It seemed that astronauts had a totally different perspective of the earth. From a spaceship, you see the dark and black emptiness behind the earth. You realise that there is no second earth. There is no way out! We have to manage with one earth. We all have to cherish it. - Jeroen Krebbers (General Director)


We only have the best technicians and TES specialists who work for us. We build long-term relationships with our customers and that only works when the customer is key. We call it sustainable entrepreneurship.


Jeroen Krebbers

Algemeen Directeur

What makes Vaanster unique

Karin van den Hooff en Stephanie Bosman

"No day is the same at Vaanster. We are committed to giving 100% to our customers and note that it is highly appreciated. We do this independently but together with enthusiastic colleagues in an informal and inspiring work environment, in green Bilthoven."

- Karin van den Hooff en Stephanie Bosman

Anton Westerhof

"We are growing fast in a few years time. From 8 employees to 20 employees. What makes Vaanster unique is the open culture, room for individual input and flat organisation. We are all autonomous professionals and can count on each other. "

- Anton Westerhof

Evert van de Braak

"At Vaanster, you work on all aspects within your projects, from technology to the finances. That makes the work very varied and challenging. We are creative and think out -of the box."

- Evert van de Braak



Personal approach and short lines of communication

Vaanster stands for a personal approach. We are, I think, a little unconventional. More focused on details. The size of our company allows us to work flexibly and decisively. What you call a flat organisation, where everyone is given the space to take the right decisions for our company and our clients. Our focus is sustainability, just like our product. We believe in “long term above short term” That means that when making our decisions, we are always aware that we must deliver to deliver heating and cooling in a reliable and client friendly way. If there is a problem, then we don’t take any half measures. We always aim for quality and the best solution. That is good for our clients but also for our employees. It is great if you are given the space to take decisions yourself and to do what’s necessary.

Jeroen Krebbers (Managing Director)


Working at Vaanster means that you do what you are good at. We are an organisation of individual experts that can work as a team together and have the same goals; we want to be the best. Within Vaanster, we are proud of our personal and informal culture. We form a close-knit team and get on well with each other. By working hard, we make a difference every day. We have a flat organisation with short communication lines in which we stimulate personal entrepreneurship and development. Our people, the client and the organisation are key for us.

Working at Vaanster also means a lot of fun. Every year we all go away together for a weekend to a foreign city, we have BBQs and go sailing together.

Apply for a job? We are always looking for talented and fun people to join our team. Would you like to work with us? Let us know at jobs@vaanster.nl

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