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Resident information

Payment or address changes

What should I do when I am going to move?

Are you going to move? Please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Please share the date of your move with us in time. You can do this through the moving option on our website or through your personal page.

You can also register as a new client easily through our website. With your postal code and house number, you can register for the loan agreement. nl/klantenservice

  • per e-mail to our customer service
  • or call via 0900 – 82267837


Do you own a house?

As indicated in the loan agreement, you also provide the details of the new owner at the time of your move. In this way, your supply agreement will be terminated and Vaanster will inform the new user about entering into a supply agreement.


Do you have a rented house?

The agreement will terminate on the day of delivery of the house to the landlord. Please share the date of your move with us in time.


Step 2: Share meter readings

  1. 1: Check the meter readings on your energy meter on the date of delivery to the new user or landlord.
  2. 2: Share the meter readings with us through your personal page. We need these meter readings to prepare a final settlement.


Step 3: You receive a final settlement

Once you have moved, you will receive a final settlement for the energy used during the past year or part of the year. The final settlement will be based on your reported meter readings at the time of moving. If we haven’t received the meter readings, we will estimate this on the basis of your use.

How do I adjust my advance payment?

You can adjust your advance payment easily on your personal page. On the basis of your use, you can adjust the advance payment within a certain range. The new advance payment will be reflected in the next advance invoice.

Who should I contact for questions about payments and invoices?

Please contact our customer service by email for questions about payments and invoices. You can contact our customer service for administrative questions during office hours at 0900 – 82267837.

How do I change my payment details?

On your personal page, you can select manual payment or direct debit. Do you want to make sure you pay on time? Then select direct debit.

Payments and invoices

Why do I receive all my invoices by email?

Vaanster is a sustainable company. It is therefore not appropriate for us to send invoices by post and thereby waste energy, transport and paper. We therefore send your invoices by email using the email address that you have provided to us.

When do I receive an annual settlement?

At the beginning of March, you receive an annual settlement for the past year. This will be calculated on the basis of the actual thermal units consumed during the past year.

What are the payment options and conditions?

We apply a payment term of 30 days for all our invoices.


Direct debit: easy and well organizedPay your monthly invoices with little effort? If you select the convenient direct debit option, you will always pay on time. The advance payment will be deducted from your bank account around the 26th. If you do not agree with the debited amount, you can have your bank refund the amount to your bank account.


Manual paymentYou can also pay your monthly invoices manually. For example, through your personal page. Keep in mind that the invoice must be paid within 30 days (generally on the 1st of the month).

We apply a payment term of 30 days for all our invoices.

When do I receive a provisional invoice?

You receive a provisional invoice every month prior to the month in which you purchase energy. We currently invoice at 30 days.

What are the current rates?

The current applicable rates can be found in the loan agreement.

What is a provisional invoice?

A provisional invoice is based on the expected use of heating and cooling. The size and location of the house are taken into account. The expected costs are divided into twelve terms and the term amount is shown on the provisional invoice. At the end of the year, we know exactly how much heating and cooling you have used. You can find the actual costs on the annual statement, which are settled with the paid provisional invoices.

NOTE: During the first year of living somewhere, the energy use is difficult to determine. In that case, please keep good track of your energy use and contact us if the energy use differs significantly from the advance payment. You have access to your energy use through your personal page.

How does Vaanster deal with my personal page?

You can trust us to handle your data confidentially. Your personal data are digitally protected as our security measures comply with all legal privacy requirements. Your information is only made available to authorized Vaanster employees.

Customer of Vaanster

What is Vaanster?

Vaanster is a Dutch family business that has been developing, managing and investing in sustainable power installations for the last 15 years. Our power installations provide heating, cooling and potable water supply to houses, shops, hotels and offices. We work with heat and cold storage: a sustainable method to store energy underground in the form of heating and cooling. We therefore only focus on power installations which are beneficial for the environment.


What does Vaanster do?The plants are managed for a period of 15 or 30 years. Managing means that Vaanster takes care of the maintenance of the plants and purchase and delivery of energy. This also includes handling of faults or end user questions. Furthermore, Vaanster is responsible for charging used energy to its end users.


The client comes firstYou come first at Vaanster, which is why we continuously focus on improving our service. We would like to hear from you if you have questions, comments or feedback related to our customer service.

I have forgotten my password

Have you forgotten your password or log-in details? You can easily request a new password though ‘Forgot your password’, which will be sent to you by email.

How do I create a personal page?

When you have concluded a loan agreement, you receive a client number (2000XXXX). You can easily register with your client number, postal code, house number and your email address. You can find your client number at the top of your invoice.

What is a personal page?

As Vaanster client, you have access to a personal page. This page, amongst others, gives you insight into your energy use, invoices and meter readings. You can pay your outstanding invoices through this personal page or make a payment arrangement. You can also easily and quickly share a move or adjusted bank account number with us through this page.

What does a Vaanster loan agreement entail?

When you become a Vaanster client, you enter into a loan agreement. In this agreement, the rights and obligations of both parties are stipulated. The provision of heat and cold is connected to your house, and it is therefore not possible to change from energy supplier.

How do I register as a Vaanster client?

You can register easily through our website as a new client with your postal code and house number.

Products, contracts and rates?

Do the individual rates comply with the Heat Act?

As an individual customer, you are protected against high rates for heating: rates that may be charged are defined in the Heat Act. Naturally, our rates comply with this Heat Act.

Our rates for cooling are competitive market rates. Rates for cooling are not regulated by the Heat Act. We have based them on market rates applied in comparable projects.

What are my rates?

You can find the applicable rates in your supply agreement.

How can I terminate my supply agreement?

The term of your agreement is based on the rent or purchase of your house. You can terminate your Vaanster agreement once you move to another place and a new resident inhabits the house. The agreement terminates upon the new resident signing the purchase agreement or when the house is delivered to the renter. You can read more about this on What should I do when I decide to move?

Am I obliged to enter into a supply agreement?

Yes, in the purchase or lease agreement of your house an obligation to connect to the Vaanster central energy supply for heating and cooling has been included. The energy system is directly connected to your house and is part of the heating/cooling network of the complex of the area your house is located.

Which products does Vaanster supply?

We supply heat, cold and warm tap water depending on the type of building (house, shop, office building). You can purchase drinking water and electricity from another supplier; Vaanster also supplies this only in exceptional cases. On your personal page at mijnvaanster.nl you can find the products we supply.

Disruptions, complaints or questions

How do I report a fault?

Urgent or dangerous situation? Call 0900 – VAANSTER.Urgent faults are breaking down of the heating in a cold period, leakages or other matters causing damage to your house. Call 0900 – 82267837.


Other faultsDo you, for example, have noise complaints, is the energy meter broken or do you have the impression that the system isn’t functioning properly? Please send an email to our customer service.

How do I report a complaint?

Although we do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service, it can occur that you wish to file a complaint. In that case, we would like to hear what you disagree with. Please contact our customer service by telephone at 0900 – 82267837 or by email. Your complaint will be taken into account according to our complaint’s procedure. If we do not succeed in solving your problem to your satisfaction, you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee for Energy and Water.

What is in my home?

What is the best floor finishing for floor heating?

Not every floor finishing is suitable for floor heating. Generally speaking: the thinner (or more solid) the floor finishing, the better the heat can be transmitted. Tiles and flagstones transmit the greatest heating and cooling power, but laminated floors can also be well combined with floor heating. Wooden flooring of 15 mm or more is strongly discouraged because of the very limited release as a result of high insulating properties of the parquet and the chance of condensation on or below the floor.

Heat resistanceHow much heat a finish transmits is indicated with an R-value, heat resistance. Make sure that the underfloor and floor finish together always have a heat resistance of 0,12 W.K/m2 (preferably not higher than 0,09). Ask your floor finish supplier about this.


Vapour control layer in newly built housesAlways apply a vapour control layer under your subfloor. Floors in new homes still contain damp, floor heating causes it to evaporate and forms condensation below the floor. Without a vapor control layer this can cause rotting. Make sure that your floor finish is also suitable for floor cooling.


Supply statementYou are responsible for the right choice of floor finish. Therefore, choose a reputable floor supplier who can advise well on floor covering and declare in writing that the chosen finish is suitable for floor heating and cooling.

For floor heating what should I consider?

Don’t drill or nail in the floor
The pipes of the heating systems run under the surface of the concrete floor. This means that you must never drill or nail in the floor.

Your house is heated by floor heating. There are many advantages of using floor heating compared with ‘old fashioned’ radiators, which also requires some points of attention.

Choose suitable floor finishingNot every floor finish is suitable for floor heating. Generally speaking: the thinner (or more solid) the floor finishing, the better the heat can be transmitted. Tiles and flagstones transmit the greatest heating and cooling power, but laminated floors can also be well combined with floor heating. Read more about What is the best floor finish and floor heating.


Maintain a constant temperatureFloor heating functions on lower temperatures than radiators. So, it takes longer for a space to heat. Therefore, leave your thermostat at the same temperature as much as possible, also at night.

Don’t drill or nail in the floorThe pipes of the heating systems run under the surface of the concrete floor. This means that you must never drill or nail in the floor.

What is peak cooling?

Peak cooling (or comfort cooling) enables cooling to a few degrees below the outside temperature. For floor heating, there will always be peak cooling, the temperature in the house can be reduced by a limited degree. This is because floor heating is only suitable to use for water temperatures starting from 18 ˚C. In colder water, condensation can occur on the floors.
The cooling capacity also depends on the selected floor finish. For example, in the case of (heavy) carpet, cooling is almost unnoticeable as a result of the insulating effect of flooring.

Where can I find meters and meter readings?

In most cases, we automatically check meter readings. Meters are usually installed in the storage or meter cupboard in your house.

How does the TES-installation works?

Your home is equipped with a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) The video explains how a TES-installation works.